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Espawsso Muttini

Espawsso Muttini

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Made with our signature chicken broth and coloured with carob, an alternative to chocolate that is high in magnesium.

Puptails are made using free-range Australian chicken. We simmer them for 8+ hours and add pet-friendly herbs + spices and a few glugs of apple cider vinegar to help bring out the nutrients in the broth. No preservatives or additives. Everything is made to order, hence why we ask for a minimum purchase of 5 or more to ensure we minimise wastage. 

Serving suggestion

Puptails come in handy 150ml packs. The recommended seving size for pets is 30mls per 4.5kgs of body weight, with up to two servings a day.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping available to Hong Kong only. We make everything to order so you can expect your order within 5-7 days of purchase.

Care Instructions

Puptails do not last forever, and we prefer it that way as we want to ensure our products are as natural as possible without the addition of nasty preservatives.

Puptails will last around 5 months in the freezer and 5 days in the fridge. Defrost in the fridge at least 24 hours before serving. Do not microwave.

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Customer Reviews

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11/10 would bork

This is my favourite as I feel so chic and fabulous drinking the espresso Pawtini with my frens. It also extends my zoomy time 😏 which is much welcomed. Can’t wait to have this as my regular Saturday brunch go to

If only human cocktails were this healthy!

Puptails are packed full of nutrients to help quickly hydrate your pet, they can also assist with skin, coat and gut health. Cheers to that!

  • Free Shipping

    When you buy 10 Puptails or more, or subscribe!

  • Peace of mind

    Puptails are vet-approved and made with human-grade ingredients, making them a nutritious addition to your pets diet